Stephen J. Carter

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The authors have investigated the application of the NASA Advanced Communications Technology Satellite (ACTS) to teleradiology and telemedicine using the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)-developed ACTS Mobile Terminal (AMT) uplink. In this experiment, bidirectional 128, 256, and 384 kbps satellite links were established between the ACTS/AMT, the ACTS in(More)
Extracellular recordings were made from supraoptic oxytocin (OT) neurones in rat brain slices to investigate the effect of reproductive state on their excitation by OT and cholecystokinin (CCK). Stable background activity was induced by local glutamate application, and OT neurones were identified by their continuous firing and opioid inhibition. The(More)
  • S J Carter, Walter L Badger, Julius T Banchero, Theodore H Meltzer, J A H B Beckett, Stenlake +10 others
  • 2010
Size Reduction and Size Separation-Definition objectives and significance of size reduction, Factors affecting size reduction, Standard of powders, Sieves and their usage in grading of powders, Laws governing energy and power requirements of a mill, Classification of size reduction machines, Study of various types of mill including ball mill, hammer mill(More)
The impedance characteristics of gold-plated indium-tin-oxide microelectrodes immersed in culture medium (MEM) are described and compared with the impedance characteristics observed when those microelectrodes are immersed in isotonic saline. For microelectrode areas of approximately 100 microns2, applied voltage levels of 5, 50, and 100 mV, and for(More)
A theoretical method is developed to treat wideband pulsed squeezing in a traveling-wave parametric amplifier with group-velocity dispersion. Classical stochastic wave equations that are fully equivalent to operator equations of motion are developed and solved numerically. It is found that squeezing occurs over the entire phase-matching bandwidth, although(More)
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