Stephen J. Boyle

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1. CI-977 is a new, nonpeptide kappa-opioid compound that has been synthesized and its pharmacological properties determined in a series of in vitro and in vivo rodent models. 2. In a radioligand binding studies, with guinea-pig forebrain homogenates, CI-977 bound with high affinity to [3H]-U69593-labelled kappa-sites (Ki = 0.11 nM) but with low affinity to(More)
1. The cholecystokinin receptors mediating motor responses in a novel smooth muscle preparation from the corpus region of the guinea-pig stomach have been characterized by use of five agonist peptides and the antagonists CI-988, L-365,260 and devazepide. 2. Mucosa-denuded strips of circular muscle were contracted in a concentration-dependent manner by the(More)
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