Stephen J. Bailey

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Recent changes in service environments have changed the preconditions of their production and consumption. These changes include unbundling services from production processes, growth of the information-rich economy and society, the search for creativity in service production and consumption and continuing growth of digital technologies. These contextual(More)
Computational and experimental sciences produce and collect ever-larger and complex datasets, often in large-scale, multi-institution projects. The inability to gain insight into complex scientific phenomena using current software tools is a bottleneck facing virtually all endeavors of science. In this paper, we introduce Sunfall, a collaborative visual(More)
Large-scale workflows are becoming increasingly important in both the scientific research and business domains. Science and commerce have both experienced an explosion in the sheer amount of data that must be analyzed. An important tool for analyzing these huge data sets is a compute " cluster " of hundreds or thousands of machines. However, debugging and(More)
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