Stephen Iles

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BACKGROUND The Geneva and Wells pre-test probability scores are intended to replace empirical assessment of patients with suspected pulmonary embolism (PE). The effect of clinical experience on the inter-rater variability of these scores, and on empirical judgement, is unknown. AIM To determine whether medical staff appointment grade affects the(More)
BACKGROUND More aggressive management may be warranted for patients with acute pulmonary embolism (PE) and the greatest pulmonary vascular obstruction. We hypothesized that a scoring system based on the ECG might identify such patients. METHODS Consecutive patients investigated for PE at Christchurch Hospital between 1997 and 2002 with high-probability(More)
Mouse eggs were activated with hyaluronidase in vitro and subsequently transferred to the oviduct. In the female reproductive tract they formed morulae and blastocysts which died soon after implantation. Haploid blastocysts were transferred beneath the kidney capsule and here some formed disorganized egg-cylinder structures in a week. Morulae and(More)
  • S A Iles
  • 1977
Teratomas were induced by the transfer of mouse blastocysts (C3H and 129/J strains) and egg-cylinders (C3H) to extra-uterine sites. C3H and 129/J blastocysts cultured in vitro for 4 or 5 days could also form teratomas in extra-uterine sites. Four transplantable teratomas, or teratocarcinomas, were derived from C3H embryos; embryoid bodies were derived from(More)
Karotype and capacity for differentiation were determined in four transplantable teratomas, and their embryoid bodies, derived from C3H mouse embryos. An apparently normal karyotype was retained by one tumour and one subline that were able to differentiate into a wide range of tissues, but some chromosomal alterations were found in the two tumours and one(More)
I read with interest the editorial in Thorax entitled 'Identification of those at risk after acute pulmonary embolism'. 1 In the second paragraph, the authors state and reference the inpatient mortality for normotensive patients with acute PE as w10%. My concern is twofold. First it is that readers may surmise that the mortality of acute treated PE is as(More)
1 Truitt T, Witko J, Halpern M. Levalbuterol compared to racemic albuterol: efficacy and outcomes in patients hospitalized with COPD or asthma. Chest 2003; 123:128–135 2 Truitt TJ, Witko J, Kotter S, et al. Levalbuterol reduces total and breakthrough treatments in hospitalized patients [abstract]. Am J Respir Crit Care Med 2000; 161:A553 3 Academy of(More)