Stephen I Klink

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Data visualization plays a crucial role in our society, as illustrated by the many displays that surround us. In the future, displays may become even more pervasive, ranging from individually addressable image-rendering wall hangings to data displays integrated in clothes. Liquid-crystal displays (LCDs) provide most of the flat-panel displays currently(More)
In general, sensitization of lanthanide(III) ions by organic sensitizers is regarded to take place via the triplet state of the sensitizers. Herein, we show that in dansyl- and lissamine-functionalized Nd3+ complexes energy transfer occurs from the singlet state of the sensitizers to the Nd3+ center. No sensitized emission was observed in the corresponding(More)
The applicability of confocal Raman microscopy for characterizing thin liquid-crystal (LC) filled polymer capsules obtained by photo-enforced stratification is demonstrated. The investigated structure consists of an array of polymer capsules (typical size 500 x 500 x 20 microm) filled with LC material and is made by photopolymerization of a mixture of(More)
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