Stephen Hutton

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A variety of human symptoms have been associated with exposure to the dinoflagellate Pfiesteria and have been grouped together into a syndrome termed "possible estuary-associated syndrome." Prospective cohort studies of health effects associated with exposure to estuarine waters that may contain Pfiesteria spp. and related organisms are in progress in North(More)
Symptom-based vibration-induced white finger was determined longitudinally from a questionnaire administered to 71 full-time fallers exposed 2-4 h daily to generally heavy (greater than 11 kg), large displacement (greater than 95 cc) chain saws. The prevalence of Raynaud's phenomenon among 55 fallers (after 16 fallers were excluded because of possible(More)
The vibration from chain saws can cause vibration-induced white finger disease (VWFD). Measurements of vibration levels on the front and rear handles of different chain saw-types, and on the operator's middle finger were collected at three logging camps on Vancouver Island. Factors effecting the vibration levels on the finger and handles were investigated.(More)
Ninety-five rock drillers who used pneumatic hand-held drills were interviewed and tested. Thirty-seven were excluded because of factors predisposing to the appearance of white fingers other than exposure to industrial hand-drill vibration. Forty-five percent of the remaining 58 drillers suffered from periodic attacks of Raynaud's phenomenon. Symptoms were(More)
This paper presents a review of the state of knowledge concerning the vibrational response characteristic of circular saw as used in the wood cutting industry. Analytical and experimental results are presented and some of the current research problems associated with supercritical speed operation are identified. Der Aufsatz enthält einen Überblick über den(More)
A numerical model, developed in Part I of this paper, is used to investigate the effect of band saw variables on cutting accuracy. The effect of blade parameters upon tooth tip stiffness is examined and the response of a blade cutting through an idealized knot is considered in detail. In particular, the effect of side clearance is examined. Using a cutting(More)
The occurrence of OsHV-1, a herpes virus causing mass mortality in the Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas was investigated with the aim to select individuals with different susceptibility to the infection. Naïve spat transferred to infected areas and juveniles currently being grown at those sites were analyzed using molecular and histology approaches. The(More)
When using sawdust in the pulp making process the wood fibres should be as long as possible. Circular saws with alternatively front or top beveled teeth produce saw dust with such characteristics. In this study the effect of bevel angle on cutting accuracy, surface finish, and saw dust quality was studied. A bevel angle of 15° maintained good cutting(More)
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