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The dissolution rates for hydrocortisone alcohol and acetate were determined using a stationary disk/ rotating fluid system. The hydrocortisone was compressed in a tablet die, and the die placed in a vessel above a rotating magnetic bar. Dissolution rates were evaluated in aqueous media under conditions involving the following independent variables:(More)
In order to compare the antibody response in serum and secretions from healthy young subjects and the elderly (>60 years), volunteers were immunized with the commercial inactivated influenza virus vaccine, by the usual (parenteral) route or orally. Also, young and old mice (mean age, 20 months) were orally immunized with live influenza virus. The older mice(More)
A three-beam heterodyne polarimeter has been built to diagnose the PI-1 plasma injector at General Fusion, Inc. The polarimeter measures plasma density and Faraday rotation, which can provide estimates of magnetic field magnitude and direction. Two important calibration steps are required for the polarimeter to produce reasonable Faraday rotation signals.(More)
A polarimeter has been designed to measure Faraday rotation and help to understand the profile of its safety factor, q, on the recently built SPECTOR magnetized target fusion machine at General Fusion. The polarimeter uses two counter-rotating, circularly polarized, 118.8 μm beams to probe the plasma. Grad-Shafranov simulations have been used to investigate(More)
What's in a pretty face? In our world, unfortunately, too much. As orthodontists our goal should be to provide our patients with a stable, functional occlusion. Consider, however, the importance of changing our patients' future by significantly improving their facial esthetics. The combination of a very narrow maxillary arch, three absent upper left(More)
The Tax Reform Act of 1986 (the "Act") has dra­ matically impacted the nature of how waste-to-energy projects will be financed. The major factors affecting the impact on the financing structure are the reduction of tax benefits to private companies involved in waste­ to-energy projects, the decrease in availability of tax­ exempt bond allocations, and the(More)
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