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Outlines of the philosophy of right
What is rational is actual and what is actual is rational. Hegel's Outlines of the Philosophy of Right is one of the greatest works of moral, social, and political philosophy. It contains significantExpand
The Opening of Hegel's Logic: From Being to Infinity
Hegel is one of the most important modern philosophers, whose thought influenced the development of existentialism, Marxism, pragmatism, hermeneutics and deconstruction. Yet Hegel's central text, theExpand
An introduction to Hegel : freedom, truth, and history
Acknowledgements to the Second Edition.Acknowledgements to the First Edition.List of Abbreviations.Chronology.Introduction.1 History and Truth.The Historicity of Thought and Civilization.ComparingExpand
The Hegel Reader
The Unity of Theoretical and Practical Spirit in Hegel's Concept of Freedom
I Since the early nineteenth century it has been assumed - indeed it has become something of a cliche - that, whereas Kant drew a sharp distinction between theoretical and practical reason andExpand
Hegel, Nietzsche and the Criticism of Metaphysics
Preface Abbreviations and translations 1. The Hegel-Nietzsche debate 2. Nietzsche's view of Hegel 3. Nietzsche and metaphysics 4. Hegel and metaphysics 5. Speculative thought and language in Hegel'sExpand
Hegel and the Arts
Introduction: An Overview of Hegel's Aesthetics, by Stephen Houlgate 1. Symbolic, Classical, and Romantic Art, by Terry Pinkard 2. Hegel's Architecture, by David Kolb 3. Hegel on the Beauty ofExpand
Thought and Experience in Hegel and McDowell
This chapter contains sections titled: Hegel on Sensation Hegel on Consciousness Hegel on Intelligence Thought and Being in Hegel McDowell and Hegel Conclusion Notes References