Stephen Holmes

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  • Bryan Caplan, Stephen Holmes, Don Boudreaux, Tyler Cowen, David Levy, Pete Boettke +21 others
  • 2002
Objectives. Economic models of politics typically make two assumptions about voters: First, their motives are egocentric, not sociotropic; second, their beliefs are rational , not subject to systematic bias. Political scientists have presented strong evidence against the first assumption (Mansbridge, 1990), but have become increasingly willing to accept the(More)
This article reformulates liberal international relations (IR) theory in a nonideological and nonutopian form appropriate to empirical social science. Liberal IR theory elaborates the insight that state-society relations—the relationship of states to the domestic and transna-tional social context in which they are embedded—have a fundamental impact on state(More)
  • A N I N T R A M U R A L P R O J E C T O F T H E N A T I O N A L I N S T I T U T E O F J U S T I, Janet Reno, Raymond C Fisher, Laurie Robinson, Pamela K James Lattimore, K Jack Trudeau +24 others
  • 1997
Uniform Crime Reporting Center provided assistance with the data. The authors extend thanks to the many individuals in the eight study cities and two pilot cities who gave their time and cooperation. Special thanks also go to for their reviews and constructive criticism. Of course, the responsibility for errors and omissions lies solely with the authors.
Tommaso Pavone ( 4/2/2014 The Cost of Rights 1 by Stephen Holmes and Cass Sunstein is as much a blueprint for American political discourse on public policymaking as it is an analysis of the budgetary, legalistic dimension of " Rights Talk. " While decisions need not " be made by accountants, " Holmes and Sunstein argue that " public(More)
  • Michael Barnett, Philip Cerny, David Dessler, Colin Elman, Miriam Elman, Stefano Guzzini +25 others
  • 2002
his paper advances three arguments. First, there exists a distinct liberal research program in international relations. Section 1 of this chapter proposes three " hard core " assumptions shared by all work within the liberal " scientific research program " in international relations (IR) and introduces three variants of liberal theory — ideational,(More)
  • Dissertation Directed, Dianne P O 'leary, Viktoria Taroudaki, Radu Balan, David Jacobs, Kayo Ide +101 others
  • 2015
Recorded images are usually contaminated by blur and noise. The restoration of such altered images is an ill-posed problem. Even if the blur is known, the unknown noise leads to uncertainty in the restored image. The naive restoration approach fails since it contains a lot of noise at high frequencies that destroys the computed restored image. To remedy(More)
A 71-year-old male with lumbar spinal stenosis developed exacerbation of lower back pain and leg paresthesias while attempting to undergo a spinal magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan in the supine position. After undergoing sedation for the MRI, he developed an acute cauda equina syndrome that required surgical decompression. MRI may be contraindicated in(More)
Chronic respiratory diseases such as COPD and asthma are among the most common health conditions seen in primary care practices, affecting more than 1 billion patients worldwide. Primary care clinicians are also often the first point of contact for patients suffering from acute respiratory infections such as influenza and pneumonia. These health care(More)
" The fact remains that getting people right is not what living is all about anyway. It's getting them wrong that is living, getting them wrong and wrong and wrong and then, on careful reconsideration, getting them wrong again. That's how we know we're alive: we're wrong. Maybe the best thing would be to forget being right or wrong about people and just go(More)