Stephen Hogan

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We evaluate the statistical dependency parser, Malt, on a new dataset of sentences taken from tweets. We use a version of Malt which is trained on gold standard phrase structure Wall Street Journal (WSJ) trees converted to Stanford labelled dependencies. We observe a drastic drop in performance moving from our in-domain WSJ test set to the new Twitter(More)
AIMS The aims of this study are to compile a list of common features and artefacts found in urodynamics, to produce definitions of these features, and describe any necessary remedial action. An image and word description for each event has been included as well as statistics providing information on the prevalence and frequency of each event. METHODS In(More)
AIMS This article aims to identify quality control (QC) best practice, to review published QC audits in order to identify how closely good practice is followed, and to carry out a market survey of the software features that support QC offered by urodynamics machines available in the UK. METHODS AND RESULTS All UK distributors of urodynamic systems were(More)
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