Stephen Hardcastle

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The effectiveness of increased air velocity in reducing hydration shifts and physiological strain during work in the heat was examined in young and older males. Ten young (mean ± SE, 24 ± 1 years) and 10 older (59 ± 1 years) males, matched for height, mass, and body surface area, cycled 4 × 15-min at moderate-to-heavy heat production (400 W), with 15-min(More)
Sleep deprivation, abnormal sleep patterns arising from working rotating shifts, and exposure to high ambient temperatures contribute to physical and cognitive dysfunction. We examined the effects of these on 19 (41.5 ± 5.1 years) male underground miners. Data were collected for 28 to 30 consecutive days such that the participants experienced their full(More)
UNLABELLED Older adults may be at greater risk for occupational injuries given their reduced capacity to dissipate heat, leading to greater thermal strain and potentially cognitive decrements. PURPOSE To examine the effects of age and increased air velocity, during exercise in humid heat, on information processing and attention. METHODS Nine young (24 ±(More)
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