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If artists and art explore organization of the investigation of response to artistic performance holds promise as a window to perceptual and cognitive processes. A new instrument for recording real-time audience response – the portable Audience Response Facility (pARF) – is described. Twenty, hand-held, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) collect responses(More)
This paper applies a game-theoretic model of participation under uncertainty to investigate the negative relationship between constituency size and voter turnout rates: the constituency size effect. We find that this theoretical model accounts for almost all of the variation in turnout due to size in cross sectional data from school budget referenda.
This paper presents the results and experiences of 2 groups of Australian undergraduate students in developing in-world collaborative projects in Second Life. One project developed an in-world ICT-Networking teaching environment and the other group developed a health-information learning experience. Besides undertaking the actual "virtual-world" projects,(More)
Please do not cite without permission We appreciate the many helpful comments from Design choices regarding the features of a product costing system significantly influence the accuracy of reported costs used in product-and capacity planning decisions. Using simulations, we examine how an amalgam of system design choices influences the error in reported(More)
Can political actors use rational strategies for political conflict when established institutions are unavailable to structure political choices because the institutions are themselves among the contested issues? In Soviet politics from 1985 to 1991, cross-cutting cleavages placed in question the possibility of any stable outcome. We argue that a(More)
Moose sera were collected from harvested animals during the 2010 hunting season in Maine. Of the 145 serum samples screened by plaque reduction neutralization test (PRNT), 16 (11%) had antibodies to eastern equine encephalitis virus (EEEV). Positive samples were collected from Aroostook County (n=13), Somerset County (n=2), and Piscataquis County (n=1) in(More)
Classification of gene expression data has been exploded in the recent years. This can aid in the development of efficient methodology in the field of bio-informatics to be used for tumours diagnosis and treatment. Data mining is an effective technique being used in this field. One of the most difficulties facing this technology is the inappropriate(More)