Stephen Hammer

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For years, the focus on the world’s response to climate change has been on nation states, which have been mostly unsuccessful in brokering comprehensive agreements or taking action. Cities, by contrast, are preparing risk assessments, setting greenhouse-gas emission reduction targets, and pledging to act. Urban areas, home to more than half of the world’s(More)
The production of sports highlight packages summarizing a game’s most exciting moments is an essential task for broadcast media. Yet, it requires labor-intensive video editing. We propose a novel approach for auto-curating sports highlights, and use it to create a real-world system for the editorial aid of golf highlight reels. Our method fuses(More)
We introduce a novel multi-modal system for auto-curating golf highlights that fuses information from players' reactions (celebration actions), spectators (crowd cheering), and commentator (tone of the voice and word analysis) to determine the most interesting moments of a game. The start of a highlight is determined with additional metadata (player's name(More)
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