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We suggest and motivate a precise equivalence between uncompactified eleven dimensional M-theory and the N = ∞ limit of the supersymmetric matrix quantum mechanics describing D0 branes. The evidence for the conjecture consists of several correspondences between the two theories. As a consequence of supersymmetry the simple matrix model is rich enough to(More)
The quantem theory of c~osed bosonic strings is formuNted as integrabie anMytic geometry on the universM moduli space of Riemann surfaces. Solztions of the equalion of motion of quantum strings are flat hermifian metrics in hoio-morphic vector bundles ever universal moduti space. In this 1otter we formulate quantum string theory as integrabie analytic(More)
We study the behavior of D-branes at distances far shorter than the string length scale l s. We argue that short-distance phenomena are described by the IR behavior of the D-brane world-volume quantum theory. This description is valid until the brane motion becomes relativistic. At weak string coupling g s this corresponds to momenta and energies far above(More)
In recent work we showed that, for a class of conformal field theories (CFT) with Gauss-Bonnet gravity dual, the shear viscosity to entropy density ratio, eta/s, could violate the conjectured Kovtun-Starinets-Son viscosity bound, eta/s > or = 1/4 pi. In this Letter we argue, in the context of the same model, that tuning eta/s below (16/25)(1/4 pi) induces(More)
Free scalar fields in de Sitter space have a one-parameter family of states invariant under the de Sitter group, including the standard thermal vacuum. We show that, except for the thermal vacuum, these states are unphysical when gravitational interactions are included. We apply these observations to the quantum state of the inflaton, and find that at best,(More)
We discuss the realization of superconformal invariance in two dimensional quantum field theory. The Hilbert space of a superconformal theory splits into two sectors; one a representation of the Neveu-Schwarz algebra, the other of the Ramond algebra. We introduce the spin fields which intertwine the two sectors and correspond to the irreducible(More)
A brief review of superconformal field theory and superstrings is presented. The spacetime spinor contribution to the fermion vertex operator is constructed and the four-fermion amplitude is calculated using the differential equation method in the SO(1,9) current algebra. The spinor field is also described as a vertex operator in the bosonization of the(More)