Stephen H. Shenker

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In this 1otter we formulate quantum string theory as integrabie analytic geometry on the ~aniversal moduspace of Riemann surfaces, based on the analytic formulation of two-dimensional conformal field theory [ i ]. String theory currently provides the onty viable candidate for a %ndamentaI theory o f nature ~'~" , Any such potentially fundamentai theory(More)
We suggest and motivate a precise equivalence between uncompactified eleven dimensional M-theory and the N = ∞ limit of the supersymmetric matrix quantum mechanics describing D0 branes. The evidence for the conjecture consists of several correspondences between the two theories. As a consequence of supersymmetry the simple matrix model is rich enough to(More)
We study the behavior of D-branes at distances far shorter than the string length scale ls. We argue that short-distance phenomena are described by the IR behavior of the Dbrane world-volume quantum theory. This description is valid until the brane motion becomes relativistic. At weak string coupling gs this corresponds to momenta and energies far above(More)
Various aspects of branes in the recently proposed matrix model for M theory are discussed. A careful analysis of the supersymmetry algebra of the matrix model uncovers some central charges which can be activated only in the large N limit. We identify the states with non
Using the eternal BTZ black hole as a concrete example, we show how spacelike singularities and horizons can be described in terms of AdS/CFT amplitudes. Our approach is based on analytically continuing amplitudes defined in Euclidean signature. This procedure yields finite Lorentzian amplitudes. The naive divergences associated with the Milne type(More)
In recent work we showed that, for a class of conformal field theories (CFT) with Gauss-Bonnet gravity dual, the shear viscosity to entropy density ratio, eta/s, could violate the conjectured Kovtun-Starinets-Son viscosity bound, eta/s > or = 1/4 pi. In this Letter we argue, in the context of the same model, that tuning eta/s below (16/25)(1/4 pi) induces(More)
We explore physics behind the horizon in eternal AdS Schwarzschild black holes. In dimension d > 3 , where the curvature grows large near the singularity, we find distinct but subtle signals of this singularity in the boundary CFT correlators. Building on previous work, we study correlation functions of operators on the two disjoint asymptotic boundaries of(More)
Some years ago, Polyakov [1] proposed constructing all conformally invariant quan tum field theories by using the constraint of conformal invariance to make concrete the fundamental principles of quantum field theory. This is the conformal boots t rap program. Conformal field theories describe the universality classes of critical phenomena, or equivalently(More)