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Future business success is strongly linked to establishing and sustaining a superior customer experience. Through an internal company wide initiative called ìTotal Customer Experience,î Hewlett-Packard (HP) has focused on the delivery of a superior customer experience as a differentiating advantage. Using a proven change-management framework, the(More)
Prairie is a simulation prototype or vision, demonstrating how individuals may work together in a virtual work enviroment designed for a whole enterprise. Prairie addresses various organizational and social issues exacerbated by distance and time. By using the concept of communities and by extending physical interaction cues to others across distance and(More)
mutual respect and willingness to learn from another discipline, can help to create a thriving research community that builds upon the strengths of these different disciplines that are related to each other in the context of work activity coordination. We intend to pursue integration of disciplines, relationships between research communities and industry(More)
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