Stephen H. Levine

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OBJECTIVE To predict effectiveness of 3 interventional methods of population control for feral cat colonies. DESIGN Population model. SAMPLE Estimates of vital data for feral cats. PROCEDURES Data were gathered from the literature regarding the demography and mating behavior of feral cats. An individual-based stochastic simulation model was developed(More)
The authors report two cases of pseudotumor cerebri in patients taking lithium for treatment of bipolar disorder. Pseudotumor cerebri is a poorly understood syndrome characterized by chronic headaches, bilateral papilledema, and increased intracranial pressure without localized neurologic signs or symptoms, intracranial mass, or hydrocephalus.(More)
Vertical deceleration injuries represent a distinct form of urban blunt trauma. Mechanisms of injury differ from those of horizontal vehicular trauma, and severity primarily depends on velocity of impact. We describe 33 free-fall injuries in adults occurring under purely nonintentional circumstances at a popular college "spring break" resort. Patterns of(More)
This paper reports the experimental and the computational techniques that were specifically developed to provide dose response data for a new method of beta dosimetry, which is reported in an accompanying article (Sh87). The specific experimental techniques consist of setting up, calibrating and obtaining backscattering and resolution corrections for a(More)
The beta doses produced by 90Sr-Y and 204 Tl beta sources were determined using three methods: Monte-Carlo calculations, measurements with TLDs, and measurements with an extrapolation chamber. Excellent agreement was obtained by all three methods, except a TLD nonlinear response to beta s was observed, which gives doses approximately 20% high for the 90Sr-Y(More)