Stephen H. Levine

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The standard QWERTY keyboard is the principal text entry device for word processing and computer-based communications. For many motor-impaired individuals, and in particular those without intelligible speech, the low text entry rates they can typically achieve is a major problem. For some, the QWERTY design is completely inappropriate. Alternative designs(More)
OBJECTIVE To predict effectiveness of 3 interventional methods of population control for feral cat colonies. DESIGN Population model. SAMPLE Estimates of vital data for feral cats. PROCEDURES Data were gathered from the literature regarding the demography and mating behavior of feral cats. An individual-based stochastic simulation model was developed(More)
Industrial Ecology aims to inform decision making about the environmental impacts of industrial production processes by tracking and analyzing resource use and flows of industrial products, consumer products and wastes. Quantifying the patterns of use of materials and energy in different societies is one area of research in Industrial Ecology. An extensive(More)
Models may be simple. consisting of fc\v elements, or iiiorc complex. with numerous clcments. Modcls of large-scale SJ stems often consist of elerncntx that arc themselves complex. Sociueconomic modelling is typically of this type. Numerous spccialized socioeconomic models haie been developed and proien useftil in practice. At times, however. i t is(More)