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Mps1 is an essential component of the spindle assembly checkpoint. In this study, we describe a novel Mps1 inhibitor, AZ3146, and use it to probe the role of Mps1's catalytic activity during mitosis. When Mps1 is inhibited before mitotic entry, subsequent recruitment of Mad1 and Mad2 to kinetochores is abolished. However, if Mps1 is inhibited after mitotic(More)
High concentrations of nitrite present in saliva (derived from dietary nitrate) may, upon acidification, generate nitrogen oxides in the stomach in sufficient amounts to provide protection from swallowed pathogens. We now show that, in the rat, reduction of nitrate to nitrite is confined to a specialized area on the posterior surface of the tongue, which is(More)
BACKGROUND The epidemiology and management of liver abscess (LA) have evolved over time. AIM To examine our experience over 10 years in a UK teaching centre. DESIGN Retrospective review of patient records. METHODS We reviewed the records of all patients aged >16 years discharged from Royal Hallamshire Hospital with a diagnosis of LA between April 1988(More)
The Aurora kinases have been the subject of considerable interest as targets for the development of new anticancer agents. While evidence suggests inhibition of Aurora B kinase gives rise to the more pronounced antiproliferative phenotype, the most clinically advanced agents reported to date typically inhibit both Aurora A and B. We have discovered a series(More)
Social tags are user-generated keywords associated with some resource on the Web. In the case of music, social tags have become an important component of " Web2.0 " recommender systems, allowing users to generate playlists based on use-dependent terms such as chill or jogging that have been applied to particular songs. In this paper, we propose a method for(More)
Cisplatin was given intravenously to 35 evaluable patients with unresectable malignant mesothelioma on Southwest Oncology Group (SWOG) Study 8418. Five patients (14.3%) achieved partial response with median response duration of six months (range 2-12 months); eleven patients (31.4%) had stable disease of median duration of 5.5. months (range 2-21 months).(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the prevalence of HCV antibodies among injecting drug users and to gauge the effectiveness of needle/syringe exchange in preventing the transmission of HCV infection. METHODS Between 1990-1994 and in 1996, annual cross-sectional surveys of injecting drug users in Glasgow were conducted. In order to ensure as representative a sample(More)
OBJECTIVE The study was undertaken to assess whether the changes in urinary excretion of eicosanoids (a decrease of 6-keto-PGF1 alpha and PGF2 and an increase of thromboxane) previously found in lead (Pb) exposed workers may decrease the renal haemodynamic response to an acute oral protein load. METHODS The renal haemodynamic response was estimated by(More)
BACKGROUND While many treatments, including corticosteroid injections in and around the shoulder, are advocated to be of benefit for shoulder pain, few are of proven efficacy. This review of corticosteroid injections for shoulder pain is one in a series of reviews of varying interventions for shoulder disorders. OBJECTIVES To determine the efficacy and(More)
OBJECTIVE To review the efficacy of common interventions for shoulder pain. DESIGN All randomised controlled trials of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, intra-articular and subacromial glucocorticosteroid injection, oral glucocorticosteroid treatment, physiotherapy, manipulation under anaesthesia, hydrodilatation, and surgery for shoulder pain that(More)