Stephen Germann

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The goal of the present work is to develop a large area, flat-panel solid-state detector for both digital radiography and fluoroscopy. The proposed detector employs a photoconductive layer of amorphous selenium (a-Se) to convert x rays into charge. The charge image formed by the a-Se layer is electronically read out in situ using a two dimensional array of(More)
A new amorphous selenium (a-Se) digital radiography detector is introduced. The proposed detector generates a charge image in the a-Se layer in a conventional manner, which is stored on electrode pixels at the surface of the a-Se layer. A novel method, called photoconductively activated switch (PAS), is used to read out the latent x-ray charge image. The(More)
New x-ray radiographic systems based on large-area flat-panel technology have revolutionized our capability to produce digital x-ray images. However, these imagers are extraordinarily expensive compared to the systems they are replacing. Hence, there is a need for a low-cost digital imaging system for general applications in radiology. A novel potentially(More)
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