Stephen Gendler

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A mucin molecule, which has a molecular weight of greater than 400,000 and which carries tumor associated epitopes recognized by monoclonal antibodies HMFG-1 and HMFG-2, has been purified from human skimmed milk by affinity chromatography followed by passage through a size exclusion column. While treatment of the mucin with hydrogen fluoride for 1 h at 4(More)
A single highly-polymorphic autosomal gene locus PUM codes for a family of mucin-type glycoproteins, separable by SDS-gel electrophoresis, which we first identified in human urine. The locus also codes for glycoproteins which are abundant in several other normal epithelial tissues and body fluids, including milk, and in tumours of epithelial origin. These(More)
Using a panel of DNA probes for hypervariable DNA regions we screened 52 gastrointestinal carcinomas for clonal allele losses on chromosomes 1, 5, 7, 12, 16 and 17. A total of 24/35 informative cases of colorectal cancers showed loss of constitutional heterozygosity at a locus on chromosome 17p, while 9/31 cases informative for a locus on 5q showed allele(More)
BACKGROUND Multiple users access computer workstations in busy clinical settings, requiring many logins throughout the day as users switch from one computer to another. This can lead to workflow inefficiencies as well as security concerns resulting from users sharing login sessions to save time. Proximity cards and readers have the potential to improve(More)
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