Stephen Gallant

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In this paper, we present our recent work in the formulation of a new in-vehicle interactive system for route planning and navigation. The novel aspects presented include the formulation of a new microphone array and multi-channel noise suppression front-end, corpus development for speech and acoustic vehicle conditions, environmental classification for(More)
While there have been numerous studies in the field of speech enhancement, the majority of these studies have focused on noise reduction for normal-hearing (NH) individuals. In addition, no speech enhancement algorithms reported in the signal processing community have reported an improvement in intelligibility, with the exception of a recent study by(More)
The naturally occurring dipeptide carnosine (beta-alanyl-L-histidine) has been found to exert an anti-senescence effect when used as a dietary supplement. Carnosine clearly improved the external appearance of experimental animals and provided beneficial physiological effects, thus maintaining the animals in better condition than control animals receiving no(More)
In this paper, we present our recent work in the analysis and formulation of a new acoustic speech corpus for developing in-vehicle interactive systems for route planning and navigation. The CU-Move Corpus development is partitioned into two phases: [I] acoustic noise collection and analysis across vehicles, and [II] data collection consisting of +1000(More)
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