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A critical analysis of the Multicultural Counseling Competencies: Implications for the practice of mental health counseling.
The authors discuss the implications of adopting the Multicultural Counseling Competencies created by the Association for Multicultural Counseling and Development (Arredondo et al., 1996) for membersExpand
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The AMCD Multicultural Counseling Competencies: A Critically Flawed Initiative
This article responds to four reactions to Weinrach and Thomas's (2002) critique of the AMCD Multicultural Counseling Competencies. Among the major points made in the present article are theExpand
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Career Counseling: Theoretical and Practical Perspectives
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The Counseling Profession's Relationship to Jews and the Issues That Concern Them: More Than a Case of Selective Awareness
The goals of this article are to define anti-Semitism; demonstrate the necessity for accurately labeling anti-Semitic behavior as such; provide longitudinal evidence of anti-Semitism and theExpand
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Diversity‐Sensitive Counseling Today: A Postmodern Clash of Values
This article is the second in an ongoing series devoted to a critical reassessment of the status of diversity-sensitive counseling. The current discussion focuses on the use of existing counselingExpand
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Unconventional Therapist: Albert Ellis
Albert Ellis is one of counseling's most prolific authors, having written more than 40 books and 500 articles, most on the topic of Rational Emotive Therapy (RET). As RET's progenitor, he has been aExpand
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Holland's theory of careers.
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A Person-Centered Perspective to Welfare-to-Work Services: In Pursuit of the Elusive and the Unattainable
Because of changes in legislation regarding the U.S. welfare system, there is an urgency now that has never before existed, except perhaps during the Great Depression, for career counselors toExpand
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