Stephen G Will

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A convenient format for the detection of PCR amplified sequences is the hybridization of the PCR products to oligonucleotide probes which are immobilized on a solid phase. We describe a new method for site-specific attachment of such probe oligonucleotides to nylon membranes. The method is based on the formation of an amide bond between carboxyl groups(More)
BACKGROUND Dried blood spots (DBS) improve access to HIV viral load (VL) testing, but yield increased VL measurements compared to the plasma reference method because of cell-associated viral nucleic acid. In clinical settings, DBS methods may falsely categorize many patients as failing therapy. OBJECTIVES Description of a simple method, free virus elution(More)
The inhibitory effects of three prostanoid analogues, EP 045, EP 092 and pinane thromboxane A2 (PTA2), on the aggregation of human platelets in vitro have been investigated. In diluted platelet-rich plasma (PRP), EP 045 (20 microM) and EP 092 (1 microM) completely inhibited irreversible aggregation responses to thromboxane A2 (TXA2), prostaglandin H2 (PGH2)(More)
We have targeted the d(G3A4G3).d(C3T4C3) duplex for triplex formation with d(G3T4G3) in the presence of MgCl2. The resulting triple helix, d(G3T4G3)*d(G3-A4G3).d(C3T4C3), is considerably weaker than the related triplex, d(G3A4G3)*d(G3A4G3).d(C3T4C3), and melts in a biphasic manner, with the third strand dissociating at temperatures about 20-30 degrees C(More)
Here, we describe a high-throughput, single-tube, allele-specific ribonucleotide analog pyrophosphorolysis-activated polymerization (ribo-PAP) PCR multiplex genotyping and resequencing method. An RNA/DNA chimeric PCR product is generated using genomic DNA as starting template, a panel of allele-selective 5'-tagged primers, a reverse primer, one nucleotide(More)
INTRODUCTION Molecular diagnostics is a key component of laboratory medicine. Here, the authors review key triggers of ever-increasing automation in nucleic acid amplification testing (NAAT) with a focus on specific automated Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) testing and platforms such as the recently launched cobas® 6800 and cobas® 8800 Systems. The benefits(More)
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