Stephen G. Schulman

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The ground- and excited-state dissociation constants and the electronic absorption and fluorescence spectra of doxorubicin were investigated by spectrophotometry. A general method for the direct calculation of individual microscopic dissociation constants was derived using the spectrophotometric data obtained. It was concluded that the protonated amino(More)
Differential absorptiometric pH titrations of the antimalarials chloroquine and quinacrine, employing the respective uncharged species at pH 12.5 in the reference cell, show that protolytic dissociation from the heterocyclic ring nitrogen atoms occurs over pH 6--12. This finding indicates that the singly charged cations of the drugs exist measurably in two(More)
This study was undertaken to determine the effects of ibuprofen (Motrin), in daily doses of at least 1600 mg, on steady-state digoxin concentrations. A total of 12 ambulatory patients (10, female; 2, male), with a mean age of 66 years (38-81 yr), completed the study. An initial baseline serum digoxin level was obtained, with follow-up levels at 7 days and,(More)
The concentration of diazepam in two types of suspension vehicles, as prepared from 10-mg tablets was tested over a 14-day period. The suspensions (1 mg/ml) were stored at room temperature in amber glass bottles. In one suspension, consisting of eight triturated tablets, 4.0 ml ethanol, 24.0 ml propylene glycol, 20.0 ml Syrup, USP, and 32.0 ml chocolate(More)