Stephen G Potts

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Forty-six patients with chest pain but normal or near-normal coronary arteries were assessed using standardized interviews and rating scales at the time of angiography, after 1 year, and again 11.4 years later. Psychological morbidity was substantial and enduring: 61% of patients were designated as psychiatric cases at angiography and 49% at 11.4 years.(More)
Forty-six patients who were investigated in 1979-80 for chest pain, and found to have normal or insignificantly narrowed coronary arteries on coronary angiography, were followed up after a mean interval of 11.4 years. Patients were interviewed and given standardized questionnaires covering chest pain and other physical symptoms, psychiatric morbidity, and(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine the illness attitudes and beliefs known to be associated with abnormal illness behaviour (where symptoms are present in excess of objective signs and pathology) in elite middle and long distance runners, in comparison with non-athlete controls. METHODS A total of 150 athletes were surveyed using the illness behaviour questionnaire as(More)