Stephen G. Green

Howard M Weiss2
John P Trougakos2
Basil S. Turner1
Gina J Medsker1
2Howard M Weiss
2John P Trougakos
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This study of the impact of doctoral adviser mentoring on student outcomes was undertaken in response to earlier research that found (a) students with greater incoming potential received more adviser mentoring, and (b) adviser mentoring did not significantly contribute to important student outcomes, including research In this longitudinal study spanning 5(More)
—The performance of a cross-functional team depends on the skillful and innovative combination of information and expertise from all team members. Communication is the medium through which team members share the information required for successful amalgamation. In this work, we postulate that both high and low levels of team communication can impede team(More)
The motivational value of jobs was predicted from the motivational value of tasks, task interdependence , and task similarity. This model was tested on 67 jobs (188 incumbents); analysts provided task measures and incumbents provided job measures. Task design had positive relationships, task interdependence had inverted4J relationships, and task similarity(More)
This study examined emotional labor processes from a within-person, episodic framework. The authors hypothesized that the influence of negative emotions on affective delivery would be lessened by regulation strategies for supervisor perceptions but not self-perceptions. In addition, difficulty maintaining display rules was hypothesized to mediate the(More)
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