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Although laparoscopic cholecystectomy (LC) has been widely accepted as the standard of care, it continues to have a higher complication rate than open cholecystectomy. Bile duct injury with LC has often been attributed to surgical inexperience, but it is also clear that aberrant bile ducts are present in a significant number of patients who sustain biliary(More)
Clinical programs for the treatment of impotence generally have been successful but without experimental verification of their individual components or factors associated with the development of impotence. Twenty-four normal males participated in an investigation comparing factors believed to inhibit or facilitate penile tumescence. The effects of demand(More)
Substantive due process issues implicitly concern voice. Whose voice will be heard? Although such issues often remain submerged, the Justices occasionally translate them into disputes over democratic participation and power. The Supreme Court's most important substantive due process decision in years, Obergefell v. Hodges, entailed such a battle over(More)
—As the world's most popular mobile operating system , Google's Android OS is the principal target of an ever increasing mobile malware threat. To counter this emerging menace, many malware detection techniques have been proposed. A key aspect of many static detection techniques is their reliance on the permissions requested in the AndroidManifest.xml file.(More)
The aircraft disaster of the first flight of Operation "Baby Lift", which departed from Saigon, Vietnam, April 4, 1975, was survived by 149 orphaned children on their way to adoptive homes in the West. It had 157 passenger fatalities. The aircraft disaster exposed the surviving children to a complex disaster environment in which subatmospheric(More)
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