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Intense femtosecond laser excitation can produce transient states of matter that would otherwise be inaccessible to laboratory investigation. At high excitation densities, the interatomic forces that bind solids and determine many of their properties can be substantially altered. Here, we present the detailed mapping of the carrier density-dependent(More)
  • Tellurium P Tangney, S Fahy
  • 1998
Calculations of the A 1 phonon frequency in photoexcited tellurium are presented. The phonon frequency as a function of photoexcited carrier density and phonon amplitude is determined. Recent pump probe experiments are interpreted in the light of these calculatons. It is proposed that, in conjunction with measurements of the phonon period in ultra-fast(More)
We have calculated the optical absorption for InGaNAs and GaNSb using the band anticrossing (BAC) model and a self-consistent Green's function (SCGF) method. In the BAC model, we include the interaction of isolated and pair N levels with the host matrix conduction and valence bands. In the SCGF approach, we include a full distribution of N states, with(More)
We use a combination of ultrafast stimulated Raman scattering and continuous wave spontaneous Raman scattering to determine the lifetime of electronic coherences of E<inf>g</inf> symmetry in Sb and Bi, which are below 10fs at 293K.
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