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Does Social Capital Have an Economic Payoff? A Cross-Country Investigation
This paper presents evidence that "social capital" matters for measurable economic performance, using indicators of trust and civic norms from the World Values Surveys for a sample of 29 marketExpand
The impact of property rights on economic growth is examined using indicators provided by country risk evaluators to potential foreign investors. Indicators include evaluations of contractExpand
Trust and Growth
Why does trust vary so substantially across countries? This paper presents a general equilibrium growth model in which heterogeneous agents transact and face a moral hazard problem. Agents may trustExpand
Gender and corruption
Abstract Using several independent data sets, we investigate the relationship between gender and corruption. We show using micro-data that women are less involved in bribery, and are less likely toExpand
Foreign Aid, Institutions, and Governance in Sub‐Saharan Africa*
Introduction More than a decade ago, the World Bank argued that “underlying the litany of Africa’s development problems is a crisis of governance.” Poor quality institutions, weak rule of law, anExpand
Aid Dependence and the Quality of Governance: Cross-Country Empirical Tests
Aid dependence can potentially undermine the quality of governance and public sector institutions by weakening accountability, encouraging rent-seeking and corruption, fomenting conflict over controlExpand
Does Foreign Aid Promote Democracy
Aid potentially can contribute to democratization in several ways: (1) through technical assistance focusing on electoral processes, the strengthening of legislatures and judiciaries as checks onExpand
Property and contract rights in autocracies and democracies
We present and test empirically a new theory of property and contract rights. Any incentive an autocrat has to respect such rights comes from his interest in future tax collections and nationalExpand
Donor Fragmentation and Bureaucratic Quality in Aid Recipients
This paper analyzes the impact of donor fragmentation on the quality of government bureaucracy in aid-recipient nations. A formal model of a donor's decision to hire government administrators toExpand
Polarization, Politics and Property Rights: Links Between Inequality and Growth
We argue that social polarization reduces the security ofproperty and contract rights and, through this channel,reduces growth. The first hypothesis is supported by cross-country evidence indicatingExpand