Stephen F. Weiss

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MICROARRAS is an advanced full-text retrieval and analysis system. It supports fast, efficient browsing of a document's vocabulary as well as its text, recursive analytic categories, Boolean search with flexible context specifications, evaluation of arithmetic expressions, and graphical display of various numeric distributions. The system is designed to(More)
WE is a hypertext writing environment that can be used to create both electronic and printed documents. It is intended for professionals who work within a computer network of professional workstations. Since writing is a complex mental activity that uses many different let'nds of thinking, WE was designed in accord with an explicit cognitive model for(More)
The problem of finding nearest neighbors to a query in a document collection is a special case of associative retrieval, in which searches are performed using more than one key. A nearest neighbors associative retrieval algorithm, suitable for document retrieval using similarity matching, is described. The basic structure used is a binary tree, at each node(More)
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