Stephen F. Moore

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BACKGROUND The INTRINSIC RV (Inhibition of Unnecessary RV Pacing with AVSH in ICDs) study tested the hypothesis that dual-chamber rate-responsive (DDDR) with atrioventricular search hysteresis (AVSH) 60-130 programming is not inferior to single-chamber (VVI)-40 programming in an implantable cardioverter defibrillator with respect to all-cause mortality and(More)
Helper threading is a technology to accelerate a program by exploiting a processor's multithreading capability to run ``assist'' threads. Previous experiments on hyper-threaded processors have demonstrated significant speedups by using helper threads to prefetch hard-to-predict delinquent data accesses. In order to apply this technique to processors that do(More)
A 47-year-old woman with breast cancer suffered progressive chest pain and flushing within 5 minutes of her second exposure to paclitaxel. Her symptoms progressed and she became pulseless. Advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) was initiated, and after a series of chest compressions the cardiac monitor revealed ventricular fibrillation. With ongoing ACLS she(More)
Robotic surgery is gaining acceptance in the management of diverse urological disorders. Any minimally invasive procedure carries a risk of open conversion either for complications or unexpected intraoperative findings, but the additional dexterity of robotic instrumentation may allow even complex situations to be managed laparoscopically. We report the(More)
A short-term temperature forecasting (STF) system is proposed to predict and control plant intake and discharge temperatures at Salem Harbor Electric Generating Station. It is desired to minimize receiving water (i.e., intake-water) temperatures during peak power demand periods, in order to minimize the cost of complying with the maximum discharge water(More)
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