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Phosphatidylcholine-Preferring Phospholipase C from B. cereus. Function, Structure, and Mechanism
The PLC class of enzymes has been studied extensively over the past 15–20 years because of their involvement in signaling pathways in which extracellular messages are delivered to the cell to induceExpand
Structural and energetic aspects of Grb2-SH2 domain-swapping.
Crystal structures of peptide-bound and uncomplexed forms of Grb2-SH2 domain-swapped dimer were obtained and reveal that the orientation of residues V122, V123, and R142 may influence the conformation of W121, an amino acid that is believed to play an important role in Grb 2- SH2 ligand sequence specificity. Expand
Applications of multicomponent reactions to the synthesis of diverse heterocyclic scaffolds.
This work has shown that the optimal MCR is sufficiently flexible that it can be employed to generate adducts bearing a variety of functional groups that may then be selectively paired to enable different cyclization manifolds, thereby leading to a diverse collection of products. Expand
Applications of multicomponent reactions for the synthesis of diverse heterocyclic scaffolds.
A four-component coupling process involving sequential reactions of aldehydes, primary amines, acid chlorides, and nucleophiles has been developed and applied to the first total synthesis of the isopavine alkaloid (+/-)-roelactamine. Expand
General Method for the Synthesis of Phospholipid Derivatives of 1,2-O-Diacyl-sn-Glycerols
An efficient phosphite coupling protocol is described for the syntheses of the major classes of phospholipids that are derived from 1,2-O-diacyl-sn-glycerols and analogues thereof. The symmetricalExpand
Domino intramolecular enyne metathesis/cross metathesis approach to the xanthanolides. Enantioselective synthesis of (+)-8-epi-xanthatin
Abstract The first total synthesis of (+)-8- epi -xanthatin ( 1 ) has been achieved in 14 steps starting from the commercially available ester 24 , which was converted into aldehyde 23 in six steps.Expand