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Real-time functional magnetic resonance imaging can be used to feed back signal changes from the brain to participants such that they can train to modulate activation levels in specific brain areas. Here we present the first study combining up-regulation of brain areas for positive emotions with psychometric measures to assess the effect of successful(More)
Laxative use was significantly reduced in our long-term care facility when an interdisciplinary program based on a philosophy of prevention and health promotion was implemented. Specifically, increased fluid and fiber intake, timely toileting habits, and regular activity/exercise led to a halving of the number of patients receiving laxatives as required,(More)
The effect of overexpressing the antiapoptotic protein BclXL in a human ovarian carcinoma cell line has been investigated in terms of sensitivity to the 2 major drugs used to treat this disease, paclitaxel and cisplatin. Stable transfection of BclXL into CH1 cells, which are relatively sensitive to cisplatin, resulted in around 2.7-fold higher expression in(More)
1. The most common ways in which staff were affected by patient death were "low morale" and "loss of efficacy at work." 2. Staff most commonly reported coping with death by "sharing feelings," knowing that their "work contributed to a good death" and by "placing death in a good light," although one in five nurses reported no strategy for dealing with(More)
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