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Activated platelets bind numerous adhesive and procoagulant proteins by receptor-mediated processes. Although there is little evidence to suggest that these processes are heterogeneous in platelets, we previously found that platelets co-stimulated with collagen and thrombin express functional alpha-granule factor V only on a subpopulation of cells. Here we(More)
Exchange in retail markets often involves transactions of more than one product at a time, as is the case of consumer purchases at department stores, restaurants, and supermarkets. These purchases are frequently taxed and subject to retail sales or value-added taxes (VAT) that are applied across multiple products at once in a single transaction. What are(More)
Recent theoretical models of retail competition suggest that product heterogeneity is critical to retail price and variety strategies. This article provides empirical evidence on supermarket retailers' price and variety strategies using a nested constant elasticity of substitution (NCES) modeling framework. The model is estimated using chain-level scanner(More)
The paper examines preferences for product quality regulations. Our premise is that preferences for product quality regulations derive from preferences for both private and public goods. The model is used to explain public attitudes toward a referendum measure to eliminate pesticide residues on food. Results from a survey of consumers are consistent with(More)
This paper investigates privately and socially optimal patterns of economic development in a two-sector endogenous growth model with clean and dirty goods. We consider a second-best fiscal policy framework in which distortionary taxes jointly influence economic growth and environmental quality. In this policy setting, three conditions produce an(More)
This article examines possible explanations for increased utilization of Powder River Basin (PRB) coal in electric power generation that occurred over the last two decades. Did more stringent environmental policy motivate electric power plants to switch to less polluting fuels? Or, did greater use of PRB coal occur because relative price changes altered(More)
Slotting allowances, which are lump-sum transfers paid by food manufacturers to grocery retailers in return for various retail concessions, are becoming increasingly common in wholesale grocery markets. This article extends the literature on slotting allowances by considering two features that previously have been ignored: the role of food processors in(More)