Stephen English

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Retrievals using synthetic background fields and observations for the Special Sensor Microwave Imager Sounder (SSMIS) instrument are performed using a one-dimensional variational data assimilation (1DVAR) scheme for clear and cloudy nonprecipitating skies over open oceans. Two retrieval techniques are implemented in the 1DVAR and are extensively tested.(More)
The confluence of progress in micro-actuators, power sources, and mixed-signal microelectronics have recently moved swarm robotics and robot communities from simulation to reality. Swarms of 20 to 100 robots are in use already, implementations with several hundred robots are practicable , and communities exceeding a thousand robots are certainly(More)
INTRODUCTION This application note describes a high-accuracy, low-cost power meter based on the ADE7756. The design is for use in the North American 3-wire/single-phase application. This meter may also be used in a single-phase, 2-wire distribution system with a minimal amount of changes. The reference design is comprised of the ADE7756, a micro-controller,(More)
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