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Any opinions, findings, or conclusions are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the view of the supporting agency. As partners in the National Alternate Assessment Center (NAAC), our work focuses on research on alignment of alternate assessments evaluated with alternate achievement standards. Although we do not conduct state alignment(More)
Summary.-The reliability of three adult visual perceptual tests was investigated. Participants aged 20 years and older (N = 221; 49 adults with neurological impairment, 172 adults without) completed the Developmental Test of Visual Perception-Adolescent and Adult (DTVP-A), the Motor-Free Visual Perception Test-3 (MVPT-3), and the Test of Visual Perceptual(More)
The observed changes in physical properties of sea ice such as decreased thickness and increased melt pond cover severely impact the energy budget of Arctic sea ice. Increased light transmission leads to increased deposition of solar energy in the upper ocean and thus plays a crucial role for amount and timing of sea-ice-melt and under-ice primary(More)
The success of direct seeding, as a low-cost approach to forest restoration, varies with tree species and seed characteristics. A system to predict which tree species are likely to be suitable for direct seeding would therefore be useful for improving forest restoration projects. Therefore, this study aimed to determine the effects of seed traits on the(More)
Reaction order in Bi-doped oxide glasses depends on the optical basicity of the glass host. Red and NIR photoluminescence (PL) bands result from Bi(2+) and Bin clusters, respectively. Very similar centers are present in Bi- and Pb-doped oxide and chalcogenide glasses. Bi-implanted and Bi melt-doped chalcogenide glasses display new PL bands, indicating that(More)
The need to understand and reject backgrounds in Ge-diode detector double-beta decay experiments has given rise to the development of pulse shape analysis in such detectors to discern single-site energy deposits from multiple-site deposits. Here, we extend this analysis to segmented Ge detectors to study the effectiveness of combining segmentation with(More)
We have used the Extended X-ray Absorption Fine-Structure (EXAFS) analysis to study the in situ changes in the local atomic structure, which are induced by bandgap laser (wavelength ˆ 690 nm) irradiation of glassy As 2 Se 3. The results indicate both the temporary and permanent light-induced changes in the atomic con®guration around the Se but not the As(More)
According to a report by Frost and Sullivan in 2007, revenues for non-AFIS fingerprint devices in notebook PC's and wireless devices is anticipated to grow from $148.5 million to $1588.0 million by 2014, a compound annual growth rate of 40.3% [1]. The AFIS market has a compound annual growth rate of 15.2% with revenues of $445.0 million in 2007. With the(More)
A new type of high-resolution x-ray imaging crystal spectrometers is described for implementation on the National Spherical Torus Experiment ͑NSTX͒ to provide spatially and temporally resolved data on the ion temperature, toroidal and poloidal plasma rotation, electron temperature, impurity ion-charge state distributions, and impurity transport. These data(More)