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Entropia: architecture and performance of an enterprise desktop grid system
The exploitation of idle cycles on pervasive desktop PC systems offers the opportunity to increase the available computing power by orders of magnitude (10×-1000×). However, for desktop PCExpand
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The Changing Paradigm of Data-Intensive Computing
Through the development of new classes of software, algorithms, and hardware, data-intensive applications provide timely and meaningful analytical results in response to exponentially growing dataExpand
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Pyruvate formate-lyase mechanism involving the protein-based glycyl radical.
Pyruvate formate-lyase (also called formate acetyltransferase; EC; PFI .) catalyses the thiolytic cleavage of pyruvate by CoA, yielding acetyl-CoA and formate. This reaction is the key stepExpand
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QMView and GAMESS: Integration into the World Wide Computational Grid
High performance computing, storage, visualization, and database infrastructures are increasing geometrically in complexity as scientists move towards grid-based computing. While this is natural, itExpand
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GridPACK: A Framework for Developing Power Grid Simulations on High Performance Computing Platforms
This paper describes the GridPACKTM framework, which is designed to help power grid engineers develop modeling software capable of running on high performance computers. The framework makes extensiveExpand
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Achieving non-repudiation of Web based transactions
Abstract In this paper, we describe our approach to achieve non-repudiation for World Wide Web (WWW) based transactions. We designed and implemented protocols for preparing digital signatures on theExpand
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Temporal integration of noise band signals measured in a profile analysis task
Of interest in this study was whether temporal integration (TI) of brief noise band signals in a broadband masker reflects (1) a successive comparison between the intensities of the signal andExpand