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The tagAB and tagDEF operons, which are adjacent and divergently transcribed, encode genes responsible for cell wall teichoic acid synthesis in Bacillus subtilis. The Bacillus data presented here suggest that PhoP and PhoR are required for direct repression of transcription of the two operons under phosphate starvation conditions but have no regulatory role(More)
Recent studies established a novel genomically imprinted gene located 45 kb upstream of the human GNAS1 locus. This locus encoded for the Neuroendocrine Secretory Protein with an apparent molecular weight of 55,000 (NESP55), which is transcribed exclusively from the maternal allele. We sequenced rat and human NESP55 and investigated tissue-specific splicing(More)
The PhoP-PhoR two-component regulatory system controls the phosphate deficiency response in B. subtilis. A number of Pho regulon genes which require PhoP approximately P for activation or repression have been identified. The studies reported here were initiated to understand the PhoP-DNA interaction necessary for Pho promoter regulation. The regulatory(More)
A Bacillus subtilis secreted phosphodiesterasel alkaline phosphatase is the product of a Pho regulon gene, phoD A secreted phosphodiesterase/aIkaline phosphatase, APaseD, was purified from a culture of Bacillus subfilis JH646MS. Its phosphodiesterase activity was reminiscent of an APase isolated and characterized previously. lmmunoassay and N-terminal(More)
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