Stephen E. Silliman

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We conducted a retrospective, multicenter study to compare the efficacy of warfarin with aspirin for the prevention of major vascular events (ischemic stroke, myocardial infarction, or sudden death) in patients with symptomatic stenosis of a major intracranial artery. Patients with 50 to 99% stenosis of an intracranial artery (carotid; anterior, middle, or(More)
BACKGROUND A family history of stroke is an independent risk factor for stroke. OBJECTIVE To assess whether severity of neurologic deficit after stroke is associated with a family history of stroke. METHODS The Ischemic Stroke Genetics Study, a five-center study of first-ever symptomatic ischemic stroke, assessed case subjects prospectively for a family(More)
The possible role of adenosine as a modulator or transmitter in the central nervous system was tested by measuring its effects on LRM55 astroglial cells. Two related cellular responses were measured--receptor activated increases in intracellular cAMP and cAMP-mediated taurine release. Taurine is a neuroinhibitory amino acid that is taken up, stored, and(More)
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