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for their insights and assistance in producing this report. The authors thank the Pew Environment Group for financial support for this project and the three peer reviewers, whose comments helped to improve the manuscript. We appreciate the many helpful discussions that we each had with interested colleagues. Acknowledgments The views expressed are those of(More)
Evaluation of natural resource management policies often is made difficult by lack of robust or long-term data on the resource. In the absence of empirical data, natural resource policy evaluation may rely on expert or stakeholder perception of success as a proxy, particularly in the context of policies that depend on multi-stakeholder engagement or(More)
North Carolina " s 2.5 million acres of coastal waters provide habitat for five species of sea turtles. The North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries (NCDMF) is charged with managing state fisheries and is responsible for ensuring that sea turtle bycatch is both limited and in compliance with the Endangered Species Act (ESA). In 2005, NCDMF applied for(More)
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