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Forty-eight children referred by teachers at the end of first grade for difficulty in reading were randomly assigned to three treatments, all of which modeled connections between written and spoken words but did not teach phonics rules, for eight half-hour individual tutoring sessions. The children were taught 48 words of varying orders of spelling-sound(More)
A case is made (and illustrated with empirical data with children) for connectionist models that are not only computationally explicit but also instructionally explicit. First-graders (N = 128) at the bottom of their classes in reading (average 11.5 percentile on nationally normed tests) participated in a 3-layer intervention. In the first layer, kept(More)
Multi-channel receivers are commonplace in MRI, but very few of these receivers are capable of operating over a broad enough bandwidth to accommodate nuclei other than (1)H. While this is fine for imaging, the recent surge in interest in in vivo NMR has created a need for receive arrays to improve the often-poor sensitivity of other nuclei. However, the(More)
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