Stephen E. Lunce

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Many businesses have failed in pure play markets, on-line grocery retailers or e-grocers among them. E-grocers face many problems which the traditional brick and mortar grocery stores do not. This paper compares a success and a failure in the e-grocery business. The subjects of this comparative case study are Webvan, an e-commerce failure, and Peapod an(More)
Development of knowledge-based technological acquisition techniques and customers' information profiles are known as assimilative integrated discovery systems (AIDS) in modern organizations. These systems have access through processing to both deep and broad domains of information in modern societies. Through these systems organizations and individuals can(More)
This paper reports the results of an experiment that was conducted to attempt to investigate the impact of delivery mode on students' learning. Multiple sections of a Principles of MIS course were used to deliver the same content to similar groups of students using different modes of delivery. The course was delivered to three sections; one section was a(More)
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