Stephen Deutsch

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The authors administered a gaze discrimination task to 24 patients with chronic schizophrenia and 25 subjects with no psychiatric history. Each subject was shown slides and asked, "Is the person in the slide looking directly at you?" Patients with schizophrenia were more likely than comparison subjects to perceive the person in the slide as looking at them(More)
Because of the demonstration of a selective alpha nicotinic receptor abnormality in patients with schizophrenia, galantamine was added to the stable regimen of atypical and other antipsychotic medications in a 43-year-old man manifesting severe and persistent positive and negative symptoms, as well as mood disturbance and cognitive dysfunction. Galantamine(More)
We tested the ability of d-cycloserine, a partial glycine agonist acting at the N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor complex, to improve implicit memory in Alzheimer patients in a parallel-group, placebo-controlled, double-blind study. One-hundred eight patients with probable Alzheimer's disease of mild to moderate severity received d-cycloserine (5, 15, or(More)
We examined possible genetic contributions to MK-801-elicited "popping" behavior in mice. MK-801-elicited "popping" behavior may represent a preclinical screening paradigm for identifying novel antipsychotic medications. Specifically, we studied the sensitivity of four inbred strains of mice (BALB/c, C57BL/6, AKR, and DBA/2) to MK-801-elicited "popping"(More)
A revision of an "excitotoxic hypothesis" of schizophrenia is summarized. The hypothesis suggests that in, at least, a subtype of patients with schizophrenia, progressive excitotoxic neuronal cell death in hippocampal and cortical areas occurs via "disinhibition" of glutamatergic projections to these areas. Patients who have excitotoxic damage would be(More)
The Balb/c mouse is proposed as a model of human disorders with prominent deficits of sociability, such as autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) that may involve pathophysiological disruption of NMDA receptor-mediated neurotransmission. A standard procedure was used to measure sociability in 8-week-old male genetically inbred Balb/c and outbred Swiss Webster(More)
We assessed skill learning in young and older schizophrenic patients using the rotary pursuit task. Schizophrenic patients displayed impaired learning on this task compared with normal control subjects, but older patients were not more impaired than young ones. The patients' rotary pursuit learning was not correlated to the severity of abnormal movements or(More)
We examined the abilities of 7-nitroindazole and methylene blue, inhibitors of the neuronal isoform of nitric oxide synthase (NOS) and nitric oxide-stimulated guanylate cyclase activity respectively, to attenuate explosive episodic jumping behavior(s) ("popping") elicited by MK-801 in mice. MK-801, like phencyclidine (PCP), is a high-affinity,(More)
The visual scanning of 19 recently abstinent crack cocaine-dependent men was assessed while they viewed a picture of a cocaine cue and a picture of a neutral cue. Cocaine craving scores were inversely correlated with the number of preattentive fixations and saccades and were positively correlated with the number of attentive fixations.