Stephen Davies

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In October 2006, the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of England asked Professor Sir John Tooke to chair a High Level Group on Clinical Effectiveness in response to the chapter 'Waste not, want not' in the CMOs 2005 annual report 'On the State of the Public Health'. The high level group made recommendations to the CMO to address possible ways forward to improve(More)
If non-technical end users are to contribute to the Web of Data as they have to the Web of Documents, they must employ tools that enable them to do so. This challenge is not easy to meet, as formal knowledge representation is a daunting task for the uninitiated. Indeed, we have empirically observed that expressing anything but the most straightforward of(More)
People often use powerful tools to manage the documents they encounter, but very rarely to store the mental knowledge they glean from those documents. Popcorn is a <i>personal knowledge base</i>: an experimental interface and database designed to store and retrieve a user's accumulated personal knowledge. It aims to let the user represent information in a(More)
We present results from a nationwide survey of undergraduate computer science departments regarding languages and techniques taught in CS0, CS1, and CS2. This snapshot of 371 schools provides an intriguing look into the state of computing education today in the U.S., quantifying which practices are actually in common use. Among other things, the study(More)
Most Semantic Web query interfaces let the user give an abstract specification of the desired results (perhaps using facets, or a natural language query.) We introduce the Smeagol visual query interface which, by contrast, guides the user from a specific example to a general result set. Users begin the query process with navigation and exploration(More)
Although many low-income urban areas are highly walkable by conventional measures such as population density or land use mix, chronic diseases related to lack of physical activity are more common among residents of these areas. Disparities in neighborhood conditions may make poor areas less attractive environments for walking, offsetting the advantages of(More)
A great CS assignment is a delight to all, but the path to one can be most roundabout. Many CS students have had their characters built up on assignments that worked better as an idea than as an actual assignment. Assignments are hard to come up with, yet they are the key to student learning. The Nifty Assignments special session is all about promoting and(More)
We present results from an empirical study in which everyday users attempted to generate formal knowledge representations for use in the Semantic Web. In particular, we focus on one especially difficult aspect of knowledge creation: statements that embody n-ary relations and therefore require reification of the verb in order to be expressible in standard(More)