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Mediating the Message: Theories of Influences on Mass Media Content
Studying influences on media content beyond processes and effects analyzing media content patterns of media content influences on content from individual media workers influence of media routinesExpand
Mediating the Message in the 21st Century: A Media Sociology Perspective
1. Introduction 2. The Hierarchical Model 3. Shaping Social Reality 4. Individuals 5. Routine Practices 6. Media Organizations 7. Social Institutions 8. Social Systems 9. Testing Media SociologyExpand
Prologue—Framing Public Life: A Bridging Model for Media Research
quality. The frame is not the same as its symbolic manifestation, which means we must get behind surface features to the generating principle that produced one way of framing a story, but is at workExpand
The Framing Project: A Bridging Model for Media Research Revisited
Framing, unlike many more esoteric research concepts, has gained remarkable popularity in both the scholarly literature and the public imagination. As with its often-associated idea of media agendaExpand
The news paradigm and the ideology of objectivity: A socialist at the wall street journal
This study examines the news paradigm as an occupational ideology whose major feature is the principle of objectivity, and the larger hegemonic function of that paradigm. An anomalous case isExpand
Understanding the Global Journalist: a hierarchy-of-influences approach
Globalization of media organizations has brought accompanying debates about the proper education and professional standards for the journalists who work for them. These journalistic and pressExpand
Finding Frames in a Web of Culture: The Case of the War on Terror
The framing concept brings an intuitively appealing and provocative openness, a bridging model that resists being pinned down to any one paradigm, a program of research made useful by its theoreticalExpand
A Media Sociology for the Networked Public Sphere: The Hierarchy of Influences Model
We have promoted a hierarchy of influences model for understanding the complex factors shaping media—particularly news—content: from the individual to social-system level. Meanwhile,Expand
Mapping the blogosphere
Globalization and the internet have created a space for news and political discourse that overrides geography and increases opportunities for non-mainstream, citizen-based news sources. Drawing aExpand