Stephen D. Wilson

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In topological crystalline insulators (TCIs), topology and crystal symmetry intertwine to create surface states with distinct characteristics. The breaking of crystal symmetry in TCIs is predicted to impart mass to the massless Dirac fermions. Here, we report high-resolution scanning tunneling microscopy studies of a TCI, Pb(1-x)Sn(x)Se that reveal the(More)
Thermoelectric power generation is one of the most promising techniques to use the huge amount of waste heat and solar energy. Traditionally, high thermoelectric figure-of-merit, ZT, has been the only parameter pursued for high conversion efficiency. Here, we emphasize that a high power factor (PF) is equivalently important for high power generation, in(More)
A simple procedure for preparing glycerol-cryoprotected Lactobacillus casei cultures has been developed. L. casei grown in medium supplemented with low concentrations of folic acid (0.3 micrograms/L) is diluted with an equal volume of glycerol (800 mL/L) and stored at -20 degrees C. Growth response of the glycerol-cryoprotected L. casei to low(More)
Procedures which allow extraction and quantitation of labile, reduced folic acid derivatives in rat liver have been developed. These procedures entail extraction of hepatic folates at 100 degrees C in 2% (w/v) sodium ascorbate, 0.2 M 2-mercaptoethanol, pH 7.85. The extract was treated with conjugase to hydrolyze folate polyglutamates and reverse-phase,(More)
The use of ascorbic acid as a reducing agent to protect labile, reduced derivatives of folic acid has been evaluated by high-performance liquid chromatographic separations and Lactobacillus casei microbiological assay of eluate fractions. Upon heating for 10 min at 100 degrees C, solutions of tetrahydropteroylglutamic acid (H4PteGlu) in 2% sodium ascorbate(More)
The overuse of antibiotics in the management of bronchiolitis is widely known, yet physician practice has been slow to change. We report here on the success of a clinical pathway in reducing antibiotic overuse in the inpatient management of bronchiolitis. The charts of 181 children admitted for bronchiolitis were reviewed to determine whether antibiotic use(More)
The Ruddlesden-Popper series of iridates (Srn+1IrnO3n+1) have been the subject of much recent attention due to the anticipation of emergent phenomena arising from the cooperative action of spin-orbit-driven band splitting and Coulomb interactions. However, an ongoing debate over the role of correlations in the formation of the charge gap and a lack of(More)
We report neutron scattering experiments probing the influence of uniaxial strain on both the magnetic and structural order parameters in the parent iron pnictide compound, BaFe2As2. Our data show that modest strain fields along the in-plane orthorhombic b axis can affect significant changes in phase behavior simultaneous to the removal of structural(More)
Three-dimensional topological insulators host linearly dispersing states with unique properties and a strong potential for applications. An important ingredient in realizing some of the more exotic states in topological insulators is the ability to manipulate local electronic properties. Direct analogy to the Dirac material graphene suggests that a possible(More)
The interplay between magnetism and crystal structures in three CaFe2As2 samples is studied. For the nonmagnetic quenched crystals, different crystalline domains with varying lattice parameters are found, and three phases (orthorhombic, tetragonal, and collapsed tetragonal) coexist between TS=95 K and 45 K. Annealing of the quenched crystals at 350°C leads(More)