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OBJECTIVE In 2009, The Joint Commission challenged hospitals to reduce the risk of health care-associated infections through hand hygiene compliance. At our hospital, physicians had lower compliance rates than other health care workers, just 68% on general pediatric units. We used improvement methods and reliability science to increase compliance with(More)
BACKGROUND Bed capacity management is a critical issue facing hospital administrators, and inefficient discharges impact patient flow throughout the hospital. National recommendations include a focus on providing care that is timely and efficient, but a lack of standardised discharge criteria at our institution contributed to unpredictable discharge timing(More)
S: PLENARY and PARALLEL SESSIONS did not affect ASPC proliferation in vitro, induced a significant antitumor effect in vivo. Mean net tumor growth (+/S.D.) by day 14 in the three groups was (in ram3): 1163 +/394 (Control), 433 +/214 (LD EMAP), and 285 +/151 (HD EMAP, p<0.0001), There was no noticeable toxicity due to EMAP administration. EMAP therapy(More)
OBJECTIVE Evaluation of efforts to redesign primary care has primarily focused on clinical services, with limited assessment of the effect on learners. This study evaluated the change in pediatric residents' perception of training, teamwork, and patient care in 2 different continuity clinic settings that were implementing patient-focused primary care(More)
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