Stephen D Tichenor

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1. In myometrial strips from near-term non-labouring human uterus, addition of oxytocin (OT) evoked dose-dependent (10 - 3000 nM) phasic contractions that were antagonized by atosiban (1 microM) and relaxed by addition of the nitric oxide donor S-nitroso L-cysteine (Cys-NO). In near-term labouring myometrium, however, addition of OT was ineffective at(More)
1. Motor innervation in the canine rectoanal region was examined in isolated strips of the circular muscle layer. Contractile responses to electrical field stimulation began at lower frequencies and were more persistent in the internal anal sphincter (IAS) than in the rectum. 2. Motor innervation to the IAS was almost exclusively sympathetic, since it was(More)
Nitric oxide relaxes myometrium in a cGMP-independent manner. Although cGMP activates its cognate kinase, this is not required for the inhibitory effect of nitric oxide. Thus, nitric oxide-mediated cGMP elevation does not enjoy the same set of substrates as it does in other smooth muscles. To further understand the regulation of relaxation of uterine muscle(More)
In guinea pig, primate and man, nitric oxide (NO)-induced regulation of myometrial smooth muscle contraction is distinct from other smooth muscles because cyclic guanosine 3',5'-cyclic monophosphate (cGMP) accumulation is neither necessary nor sufficient to relax the tissue. To further our understanding of the mechanism of action of NO in myometrium, we(More)
INTRODUCTION Proactive efforts to socially house laboratory animals are a contemporary, important focus for enhancing animal welfare. Jacketing cynomolgus monkeys has been traditionally considered an exclusionary criterion for social housing based on unsubstantiated concerns that study conduct or telemetry equipment might be compromised. Our objective was(More)
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