Stephen D. Shapiro

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Graphical techniques are presented for estimating Hough transform performance for detecting straight lines in noisy digital pictures. The methods show explicitly the influence of noise due, for example, to quantizing errors on the accuracy of estimating the underlying sets of collinear points. Exact bounds are obtained for sets of collinear points showing(More)
Procedures are presented for reducing page faults by program restructuring and utilization of bin packing techniques. A Markov model is presented and used as a basis for the methods presented. Parameter estimation of appropriate software statistics for the model is given. The techniques described are applicable to completed programs as weli as those under(More)
A systematic method of providing software system fault recovery with maximal fault coverage subject to resource constraints of overall recovery cost and additional fault rate is presented. This method is based on a model for software systems which provides a measure of the fault coverage properties of the system in the presence of computer hardware faults.(More)