Stephen D. Shapiro

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Graphical techniques are presented for estimating Hough transform performance for detecting straight lines in noisy digital pictures. The methods show explicitly the influence of noise due, for example, to quantizing errors on the accuracy of estimating the underlying sets of collinear points. Exact bounds are obtained for sets of collinear points showing(More)
The negative psychological aftermath of sexual abuse is complex and has a direct correlation with the establishment of maladaptive defense mechanisms. Long-term psychotherapy can allow the adolescent patient to establish the cognitive and affective connections to the original trauma and work through the residue of guilt and shame. As mastery is achieved(More)
Deep inside each of us is a seed that holds our vision of truth, peace, and happiness. Our early childhood attachments, societal influences, and innate capacity determine how well that seed is nurtured and the deepest inner vision is set free. This article is about the ways that vision becomes clouded by attachment deficits, trauma, and subsequent symptoms.(More)