Stephen D Luke

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Iridescence results from structures that generate color. Iridescence of bacterial colonies has recently been described and illustrated. The glitter-like iridescence class, created especially for a few strains of Cellulophaga lytica, exhibits an intense iridescence under direct illumination. Such color appearance effects were previously associated with other(More)
Inner Asia is the heartland of the Old World, a " bridge " and large-scale social network linking Asia and Europe across an expansive steppe land, and a unique laboratory for understanding long-term social and political adaptations in the face of great challenges. Depending on the epoch, Inner Asia has fluctuated from being an active center or core with(More)
Iridescent color appearances are widespread in nature. They arise from the interaction of light with micron- and submicron-sized physical structures spatially arranged with periodic geometry and are usually associated with bright angle-dependent hues. Iridescence has been reported for many animals and marine organisms. However, iridescence has not been well(More)
When we hear words from an unfamiliar language spoken by a native of that language, we often have difficulty perceiving the phonetic differences among contrasting consonant (or vowel) sounds that are not distinct phonemes in our own language. Of course, we experience no difficulty with phones that are very similar to our own native phonemes. Very young(More)
has struggled with peer interactions all her life. She avoids social situations, preferring to work and play on her own. This has begun to seriously affect her classwork, especially how she participates in group projects and pair work, and it's limiting her opportunities to learn from others and share her own knowledge and skills. Concerned, the members of(More)
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