Stephen D Lotesta

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New pleuromutilin-like compounds were synthesized in approximately 11 steps from 3-allylcyclopent-2-enone by a strategy featuring sequential carbonyl addition reactions. Several analogs possessing the C14 tiamulin ester side chain displayed activity in a Mycobacterium tuberculosis mc(2)7000 assay. The results described herein provide a basis for further(More)
Two syntheses of the tricyclic carbon skeleton of pleuromutilin are reported. Diastereoselective 1,4-conjugate additions were used to elaborate bicyclic precursors at an early stage of each route, while ring-forming olefin metatheses were executed to complete the pleuromutilin carbon framework. The congeners prepared are appropriately functionalized to(More)
The first use of the spirodiepoxide functional group in total synthesis, a study culminating in an efficient synthesis of the potent proteasome inhibitor epoxomicin, is described. Spirodiepoxides derived from allenes by oxidation are shown to give syn disubstituted ketones and their derivatives, including ortho ester, oxazoline, azido epoxide, as well as(More)
The synthesis of a C1-C19 precursor to pectenotoxin 4 is presented. The strategy employed the functionalized allene shown. Key features include: olefin metathesis of two simple fragments to prepare the left portion of the allene-precursor, diastereoselective propargylation of an epoxy aldehyde to form the right portion, use of the DMDO-stable m-fluorobenzyl(More)
[reaction: see text] A synthesis of a pectenotoxin 4 C1-C15 segment is reported. Suitable C1-C7 and C8-C15 segments were prepared, coupled, converted to I and the C3-hydroxy variant, and then cyclized. Key findings include the stereoselective conversion of the allene to the corresponding spirodiepoxide, oxidative cleavage of the p-methoxybenzyl ether, and(More)
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